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Make sure you have: a lien-free car title, government-issued ID, and proof of income.


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We do a 5-minute appraisal of your vehicle and the title loan amount is determined.


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We give you the cash you need and you get to keep driving your vehicle.

Get the cash you need

And continue driving your car

To get a loan you will need:

  • Drivers License
  • Vehicle title
  • Vehicle registration
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Pay Stubs (minimum 3 pay periods)
  • Bank statements (3 months)
  • Names and phone numbers of 3 personal or family references
  • A spare key and alarm codes for your car

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Car Title Loan?

A car title loan is a short term, high interest loan using the vehicle title as collateral. The borrower’s name must be on the title and there can’t be any loans on the vehicle.  You keep the car while the loan is outstanding and continue to drive it.

If the loan is not repaid, the vehicle can be repossessed and sold at public auction. If there is any surplus after the auction, it will be returned to the borrower.

Check out our blog post, Car Title Loans for Dummies.

How much can I borrow?

It depends on the age, mileage, and overall condition of the vehicle.  As a “rule-of-thumb” expect to borrow only half the trade-in value of the vehicle.  You can use the Kelly Blue Book Used Car Trade-in value to estimate the loan amount. 

You can borrow up to half the “trade in value” of your car. -Watch the video to find out more!

How much will my payments be?

We have two loans products:  

Traditional One Month

The original loan amount plus 19.9% interest due at the end of the month.

Example:   $800 loan      

Payoff at end of month $959.20           ($800 plus $159.20) 

Option to renew for an additional month:       

Just pay the interest and reduce the principal by10%             

Example:  To renew the $800 loan  Pay only $239.20 

Ten Month Renewable Package Loan 

Stretches the payments out over 10 months with 10 equal payments.

Example:  $800 loan  Amount due monthly $135.20

At the end of ten months, the loan is completely paid off.

How much can I afford to pay back?

We don’t want you to get in “over your head”.  We want you to get the cash you need now but we want you to be able to repay it when the loan is due. 

Some clients are anticipating receiving large checks for bonuses, commissions, inheritances, insurance settlements, etc. and plan on using that money to repay the title loan.  

Other clients must repay the loan from normal household income.  In that case, we can only loan up to 30% of your monthly take home pay.

When will I receive my loan?

You can get the money the same day you meet with our loan representative.

Are motorcycle Title Loans available?

Yes- we loan against motorcycles, jet skis, and RV’s. The only difference is that we must hold them at our secure facility while the loan is outstanding.  Motorcycle loans are quite popular during the winter months.  

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